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Please feel free to read about some customers experience at AcuLibrium Acupuncture, email your own experience and it will be happily posted for others to see! Additionally, please feel free to write reviews on yelp, google, linkdin and Facebook
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Julia P. 

February 2015

After struggling with Hashitmotos Thyroiditis for twenty years, I was deeply impressed with Dr. Melissa S. Block when, as a result of our work together, my thyroid anti body levels dropped to that of a healthy person without the disease.   I am now taking half of the thyroid supplementation I did before coming to Aculibrium.  My energy is more consistent and my overall constitution is stronger.

I find Dr. Block to be a receptive and intuitive listener.  She is a skillful acupuncturist who is present, considerate, dedicated and kind.

Natalie H.-30

January 2014

I grew up with a family who were doctors and nurses in Western Medicine. When my lower back was hurting and I could barley move I went to see a doctor. After about a week I went to see someone else. Finally I chose to go to AcuLibrium Acupuncture. It was there that my back pain truly started going away. Once the pain was gone and i could finally walk and get in and out of my car normally I decided to go back for regular treatments. Acupuncture is a way for me to relax after a long week and brings me back to what I need to focus on. Additionally, anytime I have any slight pain that I know will escalate I make sure to mention it at my appointment and I always leave feeling 100% better than when I walked in. Best place I have ever been!!!


February 2014

I recently went to AcuLibrium for acupuncture and loved it. The practice location is perfectly in between my house and office in West LA. It's clean and peaceful, and I felt completely at ease in the acupuncture room. I have recommended Melissa Snyder to my friends and family because she is great! She truly cares about her practice and patients.


September 2012

After blowing out my lower back and needing to be taken to the ER in excruciating pain at only 28, I realized I needed to make sure I would recover properly AND do whatever was necessary to prevent a back injury like this from ever happening again. I've never used or trusted anything but Western medicine before, but I decided this was simply too important so I was determined to leave no stone unturned. So naturally that included investigating TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Enter AcuLibrium. Being a little afraid of needles I wasn't entirely sure how I'd react, but truth is the needles are not traditional needles like those found on syringes, they're much lighter and more flexible, and the owner (Melissa Synder) was very adept at inserting them without pain or discomfort. She was very clear and thoughtful about each and every step of the therapy, having been a PT herself. And using that experience she was able to recommend all sorts of remedies that are well known and accepted outside TCM. We worked on my flexibility and particularly my core to strengthen me as much as possible. I found it very relaxing to go there on my lunch breaks because the environment was silent and the (optional) music was soothing.

AcuLibrium is also run very well run too; they use Dr. Chrono for email reminders of appointments and give summaries of your prognosis as well.

Overall, I have vastly improved over the past 6+ weeks since my injury and am finally starting to get back to normal. I can say for certain that acupuncture and everything I learned at AcuLibrium I will integrate into my weekly routine from this point forward. Thank you!

Rachel Wolfe-30

October 2014

Melissa is a doctor worthy of building a relationship with. She truly cares, listens, and shares her extensive knowledge of Eastern and Western practices. She provides thoughtful and compassionate guidance. I immediately noticed an improvement from the first visit. Healing lifelong health concerns has been an enjoyable experience with Melissa. Some things I thought I would have to live with forever, I am noticing a change, and not superficial change, but deep and lasting changes in the way my mind and body function. All of the digestive, hormonal, emotional, muscular imbalances have been brought into balance by visits with Melissa. I invite all people to experience what she has to offer.


July 2013

3 weeks ago I was rear-ended and my car was totaled. Needless to say I'm lucky to be alive. Two days after the accident a friend recommended Melissa and I am forever grateful to her for the unbelievable service she provides.  I had never received acupuncture before so I was cynical at first but the results spoke for themselves. I am doing two treatments a week and Melissa comes to my house which takes the stress out of driving to an office and waiting.

The pain in my front neck and upper spine as well as lower back and sciatica are steadily improving. As far as im concerned Melissa is preforming miracles. After just  3 weeks I feel less pain, tension & stress in the body, more relaxed, and migraines are minimizing. Thank you Melissa! I really appreciate your service. Anyone who uses  your services will be pleased.


March 2012

I started getting acupuncture at AcuLibrium when the tree fell on me for shoulder/back/knee pain, numbness after surgery, headaches and worst of all, being stuffed up always. I don't know if I had mild allergies or if my nasal passage was messed up from boxing but after being prescribed some herbs and a few treatments, I was breathing better, sleeping better and feeling amazing. If you've wanted to try acupuncture, go see Melissa Snyder LAc. She blends the best of Eastern AND Western Medicine to give her patients the best possible care with the greatest percentage of positive treatment. I've seen amazing results from patients with allergies, stress, skin conditions, pain, nausea, pre-natal conditions, thyroid problems, sports injuries, addiction... the list goes on. She also a licensed exercise physiologist so you're really getting a bang for your buck at Aculibrium

AcuLibrium Acupuncture

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